ASE Lapping Club – Home of Monday Night Lapping!

The ASE Club is made up of a dedicated group of staff and instructors who volunteer their spare time during the year to make sure that club members can get the training they want, in a safe and controlled environment.   With the closure of the Autodrome St Eustache, our weekly lapping program is no longer in operation for 2020 and beyond. Our organization however will continue to put on great driving academies and lapping days for the enjoyment of our members and those who wish to continue to attend great events.

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As of December 31st, 2018 –  Snell 2005 helmets are no longer approved for on track activities.  Snell 2010 is the new minimum, and Snell 2015 helmets have been available since 2016.  Newer SA2020 helmets are starting to become available in the fall of 2020.   For any questions, please call Perry Performance at 450-662-6927.  The friendly staff can verify your helmet, and fit you for a new one if it does not meet the requirements.

2022 ASE / AISA Calendar & Other Events

Lapping Days

June 11 – Calabogie Motorsports Park- Lapping day (No beginners) – Download the Registration form
June 24, 25 & 26- Shannonville Motorsports Park – Lapping Days (No beginners) – Download the Registration form
October 11th – Canadian Tire Motorsports Park – Lapping Day (No beginners) – Download the Registration Form

AISA Driving Academies

May 14 & 15 – Calabogie Motorsports Park –  2 Day Event
Click here to sign-up and for more information

Other Events & Collaborations with ASE

June 12 – Calabogie Motorsports Park – Time Attack with Track and Time

July 2nd & 3rd – BIG A$$ Event – Shannonville Motorsports Park

August 6 & 7 – Calabogie Motorsports Park – ChampCar Race Weekend – Sponsored by Perry Performance & Competition.  Lots of ASE Staff racing this event
October 8th and 9th – Canadian Tire Motorsports Park (Mosport GP Track) – ChampCar Race Weekend – Sponsored by Perry Performance & Competition