ASE Time Attack Series

Event information & Registration

For the 2019 Season, the ASELC is hosting a round of the Track and Time – Time Attack Series.  This event will once again bring the top drivers in Quebec together for an extremely competitive and fun event.

August 3rd – Autodrome St Eustache – Registration

Our official rule set can be found here: Time Attack Rules & Regulations

For more information, please contact the ASE Time Attack Director: Oktay Yildiz (halo240sx –at– gmail dotcom).

What is the ASE Time Attack Series?

Time Attack is an entry level sport for all enthusiasts.  It consists of recording your best hot lap.  It is not wheel to wheel racing where drivers race against other cars for positions.  Risk in a Time Attack event is minimized as many as 10 cars are on the track at the same time during timed runs and passing is only allowed in designated zones.  Time Attacks reward speed and precision: drivers are penalized when spinning, putting wheels off the track or knocking down markers (cones). Our Time Attack events usually have many practice and tuning runs during the day.  In the afternoon, there are 2 or 3 sets of hot lap sessions.  Your goal is to record your best time during these hot lap sessions. At the end of the day, the 5 fastest drivers are pitted against each other in our Top 5 shootout!  This is where you see the fastest drivers dish it out against each other.

What do I need?

Simply put, you need a car in good mechanical condition and a Snell M2010 or better helmet.  A set of good brake pads and tires are not mandatory but they do help quite a lot.

How do I classify my car?

With the ASE Lapping Club Time Attack Championship, classifying your car is very very simple.  You need to know which wheels work your car and what tires you have on these wheels.  Cars are grouped by drivetrain and wheel categories.  Modifications are almost unlimited in all classes, but in order to run in Modified or Street class, your car needs to be registered for street driving.

What do I win?

Honor and bragging rights.  Our championship is based on having fun at the track with a bunch of buddies.  At the end of the year, championship points are compiled for bragging rights.  You can then tell your friends how fast you are around the track.

How much does it cost?

Our events have a single fee that gives you track time (between 80 and 100 minutes) and transponder rental.  Pricing starts at 200$ and may go up to 225$ for late registration.